ABC Chateau

The ‘ABC’ mini-château is an early 19th C country house / family home set in its own large grounds – retaining all the old style but with comfortable modern conveniences. It is one of the nicest houses we have – we have had guests [...]


ABF3 House

Your Content Goes Here This modern family house on the Chemin de Charbonniere near the eastern Le Mans suburb of Yvre l’Eveque is only 5 minutes to Le Mans centre and 15 minutes NE of the circuit main gate. With total 6 bedrooms and up to [...]


AVE House

A comfortable family house we have used for many years. On the southern edge of Mulsanne village – only 1.5km to the circuit at Mulsanne Corner - so just under 10 minutes’ drive to any of the circuit entrances. Easy [...]



Located only 8km (5-10 minutes drive) west of the circuit and 10-12 minutes to Le Mans town centre, this comfortable family home set in a large garden is located in the countryside near Spay, just northwest of Arnage. There are four main bedrooms: 2 [...]



A stylish and convenient Le Mans base for drivers, guests and sponsors. Located in a quiet rural enclave only c. 18km / 18 minutes N-NE of the circuit (to which there is easy access via the D20 Le Mans bypass from Savigné L’Evêque), this [...]



Comfortable, modern 6 bedroom (with total 7 beds) 2 bathroom family home located only 10 minutes west of the circuit in the village of Spay - 12-15 minutes southwest of LM city centre. Ground Floor Bedroom 1 – Double bed (1 x 140cm) Separate bathroom #1 (bath/shower) Separate [...]



Located near the village of Jurigné-sur-Sarthe, just 45 minutes southwest from Le Mans centre via excellent motorway access / 43 minutes to the main entrance of the Circuit [...]



Conveniently located on a quiet street (Place Belvédère) in the northern part of Mulsanne village with a calm and pleasant garden. Plenty of street parking. Only 5 minutes from the Circuit des 24 Heures paddock entrance during the week; 12 minutes by back roads while racing is underway. Accommodation: 2 bedrooms, [...]

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